Wednesday, August 21, 2013


It's not easy at all being a mum. Not just the bringing up of a child. But you as a person will need to confront many things.

I am frequently humbled.
I learn to take criticism better.
I learn to laugh easier.
I learn to watch my mouth.

From the top of my head list as above, the easiest lesson is humility. So, you can imagine how much harder the others are. I am a very sensitive person so I find it very hard to take criticism in a positive manner. I always tend to look down on myself and criticism usually further pushes me into the realm of near depression.

I watch my mouth more now. Not only in terms of what I say to the kids or in front of them. But what I am inclined to comment on. When a child misbehaves, if I don't know the family, I would hold back any comment. Because as much as I am strict about my kids misbehaving, sometimes it happens and I am unable to stop it in time. And the other party would think me a lousy parent. When in truth it was a one time situation got out of hand before it could be stopped. Or when I see a kid cross the road dangerously, I wouldn't be so quick now to put blame on the parents. Since it has happened one day when I looked down for a minute and Christopher decided to cross the road. And a car turned the corner and had to stop for him. How many times I have told him to wait for me, hold my hand, look right and left. Yet on that day it happened and a car went by.

I learn to laugh when my kids laugh. And I learn to laugh when they don't laugh. And I learn to laugh just to break the tension.

They say a kid learns from your actions more than your words.

I thought parenting was always about moulding the kid. But it's also highly about changing yourself as well.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


This year I went mooncake mad!

I have heard about this Fai Fong mooncake for a long time now. This year, I vowed to try it. Good thing for me was that Fai Fong recently opened a branch in Kepong. So, I was sure I would be able to buy their Kam Tui mooncake for my parents and inlaws. Decided to go early to avoid disappointment and the rush that comes with waiting too long.

Last year, I tried a new mooncake place too. Bought Kam Tui from Setapak Teochew Restaurant. Being famous and nearing the time, it was a mad rush to grab the last few pieces of  Kam Tui.

And for the pass 3 years, my all time place to buy mooncake was Konfeksi Ming Yue from Pasir Pinji Ipoh. Reason being their Nuts Mooncake is only RM7 and the Kam Tui is RM12. And they bake it freshly everyday.

Comparing these 3 mooncakes, I can understand why people like Fai Fong mooncakes.

The first impression when I bit into it was that it was not that sweet. Packed full of nuts, it was aromatic because it was FULL of sesame seeds. It was also not that oily.

The Setapak Mooncake, at first impression was that it was not as aromatic. It was in fact a little bit dry given that it was not that oily. However, what was good about it was that it had a nice chewy texture. A good bite.

And lastly the Ming Yue mooncake was a let down after trying the Fai Fong one. It was aromatic but also a little bit more oily (although I am comparing one with ham and one without). It lacked the sesame seed aroma which I would say is Fai Fong's point above others. It had a good punch of nuts - whole almonds. But certain bites were a little bitter. For that price though, almost half the price of Fia Fong, it is a good buy.

So, that is my take so far on mooncake tasting. Just wanted to jot it down for my own memory.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Renovation Decisions

Renovation work has started at last! Actual date of starting was 29th July 2013. 

Within the first week, the 'raw' structure of the porch is up. And the extension borders at the back are now up.

Decisions made in the first week was the shape of the porch pillars and walls. And at the back to confirm door and window placement.

It is the 2nd week now. Contractor has placed a deposit for my security back door. It will be stainless steel with half window. Initially I wanted a steel door so that I could have the flat piece at the back of the door longer than my step. This is to avoid rats from entering the house. 

However, hubby was more interested in the security door - less maintenance and more secure. Especially since our back yard is not blocked and is in fact accessible for anyone to walk. But you cannot custom make a security door so that the back is longer than the step. I told this to the contractor and his partner. And they came up with a solution that they will make the inside of the door a little higher so that the door will close against the floor (if you know what I mean). "Rely on my expertise", the contractor told me. Indeed I am!

Also confirmed that the roof tiles will be red. Not blue or grey or (jokingly) pink!

There are 5 people working on the house and all of them are chinese. So, their workmanship should be really good. Contractor told me all his partners are all old timer chinese workers. The only thing is that one of them is really loud! But I can accept this for all the hard work they are putting.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Smart Tag

I effectively am a smart tag user now.

For the pass 6 months, I have been using touch and go only. Most of the time the touch and go lane is pretty smooth. However there were 2 incidents where there was a jam at the toll. And if I had the smart tag, I would have passed through the jam much faster.

Hubby since Day 1 I moved to Cyberjaya has been asking me if I want a Smart Tag but I always told him 'no' for silly reasons.

Reasons like 'How would I know if the battery is going to die?'. 'What if I hold the smart tag up and the bar doesn't open?' It all boils down to the fact that I don't want to irritate other drivers when I go through the smart tag and the bar doesn't open.

The first time I used it, my heart was beating so fast that I felt so irrationally silly. At the back of my mind I was like 'I am getting old if I find technology scary'.

I have used it 3 times now. Still trying to coordinate movement in that my left hand picks up the smart tag, pass it to my right hand, go through toll gate, right hand put it on my lap, left hand picks up from lap back to dashboard drawer.

And I still feel relieve when the censor goes 'tweet' and the bar opens!

Hai....ain't I silly?