Wednesday, August 21, 2013


It's not easy at all being a mum. Not just the bringing up of a child. But you as a person will need to confront many things.

I am frequently humbled.
I learn to take criticism better.
I learn to laugh easier.
I learn to watch my mouth.

From the top of my head list as above, the easiest lesson is humility. So, you can imagine how much harder the others are. I am a very sensitive person so I find it very hard to take criticism in a positive manner. I always tend to look down on myself and criticism usually further pushes me into the realm of near depression.

I watch my mouth more now. Not only in terms of what I say to the kids or in front of them. But what I am inclined to comment on. When a child misbehaves, if I don't know the family, I would hold back any comment. Because as much as I am strict about my kids misbehaving, sometimes it happens and I am unable to stop it in time. And the other party would think me a lousy parent. When in truth it was a one time situation got out of hand before it could be stopped. Or when I see a kid cross the road dangerously, I wouldn't be so quick now to put blame on the parents. Since it has happened one day when I looked down for a minute and Christopher decided to cross the road. And a car turned the corner and had to stop for him. How many times I have told him to wait for me, hold my hand, look right and left. Yet on that day it happened and a car went by.

I learn to laugh when my kids laugh. And I learn to laugh when they don't laugh. And I learn to laugh just to break the tension.

They say a kid learns from your actions more than your words.

I thought parenting was always about moulding the kid. But it's also highly about changing yourself as well.

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Anonymous said...

i find myself nodding non stop while reading this...:)