Sunday, August 11, 2013


This year I went mooncake mad!

I have heard about this Fai Fong mooncake for a long time now. This year, I vowed to try it. Good thing for me was that Fai Fong recently opened a branch in Kepong. So, I was sure I would be able to buy their Kam Tui mooncake for my parents and inlaws. Decided to go early to avoid disappointment and the rush that comes with waiting too long.

Last year, I tried a new mooncake place too. Bought Kam Tui from Setapak Teochew Restaurant. Being famous and nearing the time, it was a mad rush to grab the last few pieces of  Kam Tui.

And for the pass 3 years, my all time place to buy mooncake was Konfeksi Ming Yue from Pasir Pinji Ipoh. Reason being their Nuts Mooncake is only RM7 and the Kam Tui is RM12. And they bake it freshly everyday.

Comparing these 3 mooncakes, I can understand why people like Fai Fong mooncakes.

The first impression when I bit into it was that it was not that sweet. Packed full of nuts, it was aromatic because it was FULL of sesame seeds. It was also not that oily.

The Setapak Mooncake, at first impression was that it was not as aromatic. It was in fact a little bit dry given that it was not that oily. However, what was good about it was that it had a nice chewy texture. A good bite.

And lastly the Ming Yue mooncake was a let down after trying the Fai Fong one. It was aromatic but also a little bit more oily (although I am comparing one with ham and one without). It lacked the sesame seed aroma which I would say is Fai Fong's point above others. It had a good punch of nuts - whole almonds. But certain bites were a little bitter. For that price though, almost half the price of Fia Fong, it is a good buy.

So, that is my take so far on mooncake tasting. Just wanted to jot it down for my own memory.


Small Kucing said...

Too bad am too far from ipoh else will try my luck to buy that

cre8tone said...

My son loves mooncake..