Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tanjung Sepat and Bagan Lalang

Date : 31st August 2013

At last managed to kick start my road trips. And to my much desired destination Tanjung Sepat. I have read so much about Lovers Bridge and the good food there and have been dying to go.

Let me get straight to the point of Lovers Bridge. It has broke!!! You can only walk a wee bit out on the bridge now. And in fact there is a warning to walk at your own risk! So much for that being the highlight of the trip. In fact by the time we were on Lovers Bridge ad ready for dinner, we were all quite tired. Just took the customary pics without the kids - lovers bridge mah! And headed for dinner....

Dinner was disappointing too. Being a public holiday, the one next to Lovers Bridge was packed. So, we went to the adjacent one. We waited 1 hour for our dinner and had such a depressing conversation! Hahaha.....Hunger and serious talk sure don't go well.

The earlier part of the trip was more enjoyable.

If you google image Tanjung Sepat, chances are you will get a image of a map. We started at the Dragon Fruit farm end and made our way down.

Loved the dragon fruit and passion fruit farm. They had some weird animals - monkeys and civet cat - which attracted the boy more than the fruits! Had blended fruit drinks. Bought some dragon fruits.

Next - Arowana Chips. To be honest, I found this factory a waste of time. It was fun finding it and then once you have found the 'treasure' in the hunt, don't tell me don't buy anything meh? And that may be the only reason it is still surviving today. The kacang putih village in Buntong Ipoh is so much better.

3rd pit stop - fish ball. One shoplot making fishball. Freshness guaranteed. Though how this particular one managed to make it on the map I wonder. I didn't get any fish balls here.

Lunch time - it was already pass 1 pm. We wanted to go to the famous BKT shop BUT it was closed! Darn! Bummer.....

In the end just parked the car along one of the streets and had street food - literally!

Tanjung Sepat town is an experience on its own. Because it was a holiday, I really felt I could just stand there and take in all the hustle and bustle supporting this home industries. Look straight was the pau shop, behind me was a shop selling fried tempura-like seafood, a bit to my right was one of the coffee shops, a bit to the right was a shop selling fruit juices. And at every nook and corner along that 200 m radius were shops selling all kinds of the same thing - fruits, its juices, raw fish, cooked fish, steamed pau, non steamed pau, coffee packets, cups of coffee etc. And there was freshly baked bahulu and old time ice lollies.

We had lunch - coffee was GREAT! The fried fish cakes etc was yummy. I am not a pau fan but they have some famous ones there - mui choy pau etc. I bought some cooked fish balls and fish rolls here. Loved it when I cooked it again at home. Very fresh.

So at 2++, after lunch we made our way to the other coffee place. We saw coffee bean selections in the process, and the actual roasting of the beans in Planta. I should not look at the process because the though of Planta in my coffee somewhat turns me off. But coming home and  brewing the coffee bag, I can easily forget what was in my coffee.

At 3++, next stop Ganofarm. It was a bit of a disappointment coz there was no farm. Only a small section showing how mushrooms were grown. I saw for the first time fresh muk yue - elephant ear mushrooms do they call it? Bought some mushroom, aloe, suet yue drinks. Bought also some mushrooms and some soap (for my mother inlaw). Don't ask about the soap - it is supposedly antibacterial. Son buy for mother, don't ask so many questions. :)

It was still too early for dinner and it was drizzling. So no hope to play by the beach or hang out at lovers bridge, we went to Golden Palm Resort. Before reaching the resort, little boy whined wanted to play at the beach. So Uncle Simon stopped for him. LORD !! We ended up there for 2 hours and had 1 very wet kid, 2 semi wet girls and 2 harassed mothers. The xx amount of bottles of water meant to clean up was barely enough. And I seriously pitied the state of the care when we climbed in. Simon and Wai Yin, if you ever read this....thousand apologies and sincere thanks.

The resort was lovely. The weather was great. We had a nice stroll....if it is sunny, please don't attempt to do this. The walk from lobby to the infinity pool is very long. :) Would make a nice jog up and down though.
The pool looked nice - infinite to the sea.....but too small. If we had a SG retreat there, we would fill up the entire pool.

Last stop was back to Tanjung Sepat town for dinner. And so we come full circle back to the top.

We reached Puchong at 10 and back home at 11. It was the day PJ had no water. And we were thankful that by the time we reached home, water was trickling down from our pipes. I can't imagine washing up sand and sea if not! :)

What I enjoyed most about the trip was not so much the experience of the town itself. But the company of same expectations makes the trip smooth and fun.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

One time forever

Now if you ask Caylee "Do you want to go to Ipoh with Kung kung and Poh poh?"
Her answer will be "NO." And if prompted further, she will ask if kor kor is going, mummy is going etc.
In fact the other day when kor kor says he wants to go to Ipoh, she told kor kor "Please don't go. I will miss you."

Despite it all, there is strength in the core family. And that is the way it should be.

So for the week and a half from end August to Sept 2013, I had a brief 'respite' from Caylee. I can safely put the word respite in inverted comma because I realized that despite all that Caylee is, she is a great help and cure to me.

She mothers me as much as I mother her. The day she came back, she checked me out and 'sayang' all my cuts and bruises. Cocked her head to one side and asked me "Pain ah mummy?" My heart literally melted.

And she needs me as much as I need her to need me. Perhaps in my heart she is still my little girl and I know one day she will be old enough to reject me. But as of now, she needs me just enough. Not too much that I find her a chore. She is rather independent in that way. And she tries very hard to get things done by herself first. So much so, you really gotta smile at her efforts. And helping her complete the task she could not complete herself becomes more a relief to me than anything else.

I also realized that no one feels the same way about my daughter. Most of the people who have come in contact with her for a longer period of time find her a cry-baby and too stubborn a child. Stubborn I would say to the point that she means what she says. And she is able to act according to what has been said. So, as much as she wants to go to the playground, she will not go. And she is happy to stay at home since she could not finish her breakfast as requested. And she couldn't finish her breakfast because she said she was full.

For a girl, in some ways that is a good thing. I have never felt this friction before. I reckon it's because Caylee and I have different dynamics.

When Caylee was away, I also realized one more thing - that I become quicker to respond when Christopher is being taken away from me without my permission when we are OUT. I actually do not mind him going away with his uncles - although I can't say that ALL of his uncles are the most dependable to take care of Christopher. However, I hate it when I turn around and find him not where he is supposed to be - either sitting down quietly or eating his dinner.

So all in all, I think I am glad that her "NO" to go back to Ipoh is so resounding. When she is away, there is no significant relief for me. Instead it becomes harder for her grandparents. So it's a win-win all round if she just stays by my side.