Sunday, October 20, 2013

Camerons and Ipoh 2013

Over the long Haji weekend, we decided to make a trip to Camerons and Ipoh.

It would be our last trip with a convenient stop at Ipoh. My parents will officially sign the S&P for the sale of their Ipoh house tommorrow.

We stayed in Equatorial again. Partly due to the Groupon offer. Partly due to the fact that we love the location.

It was freezing this time round. Mainly because of the rain. We had our jackets on almost ALL of the time. And poor hubby of mine was freezing. I never used to bring his since he never had any use for it previously.

We went park visiting this time round. Went to the new Lavendar Garden. And also the Butterfly Farm.
Loved the Lavendar Garden coz it was on a hill and had bountiful of blooming flowers.

The boy was very eager to go to the Butterfly Farm mainly coz he wanted to see the scorpions. He has been very curious about live insects and animals since watching National Geography. I am trying to cut down on his cartoon watching. The girl however screamed at the flying butterflies. If only they had ears....they would have left her all alone!

Back in Ipoh, I managed to visit Gunung Lang at last. I loved the boat ride. It was so tranquil. And 1 hour running with the kids was grand. It rained the evening before so the playground was only half half accessible.

I wonder.....the next time I am in Ipoh, I will be half tourist, since I will need to stay in a hotel. I wonder if as a half tourist, I would do more tourisy things.....will my approach to Ipoh change?


Had my first major accident in Oct 2013. Happened along LDP going own the Sunway Piramid bridge. Knocked into a Honda CRV.

I didn't claim insurance since the family in the CRV was kind enough to deal with it with me. He came to my workshop to get his damage assessed and accepted the 700 that was quoted to get his dents repaired.

My own damage cost 1600. And internal repair another 1200.

Many asked me if I have fear to drive now?

I told them 'No'. Maybe my dad's training of doing it as soon as you fall to get over your fear. So, I got back behind the wheel and drove like normal.

But today on my way to work, it rained heavily. And for once since the accident, I felt a little bit of fear. Especially since I saw 4 accidents along the way. One involving a motorcyclist, and he was sprawled on the road holding his arm. Another major one was a 6 car pile up, with an Insight car squashed in the middle.

I am grateful that I escaped my accident relatively unharmed. And I found through out my journey that I lost my guts to really drive confidently fast. These days I stick to the middle lane and going down slopes, I keep a relative distance.

It was a small damage physically....but a huge lesson on driving patience.