Sunday, October 20, 2013


Had my first major accident in Oct 2013. Happened along LDP going own the Sunway Piramid bridge. Knocked into a Honda CRV.

I didn't claim insurance since the family in the CRV was kind enough to deal with it with me. He came to my workshop to get his damage assessed and accepted the 700 that was quoted to get his dents repaired.

My own damage cost 1600. And internal repair another 1200.

Many asked me if I have fear to drive now?

I told them 'No'. Maybe my dad's training of doing it as soon as you fall to get over your fear. So, I got back behind the wheel and drove like normal.

But today on my way to work, it rained heavily. And for once since the accident, I felt a little bit of fear. Especially since I saw 4 accidents along the way. One involving a motorcyclist, and he was sprawled on the road holding his arm. Another major one was a 6 car pile up, with an Insight car squashed in the middle.

I am grateful that I escaped my accident relatively unharmed. And I found through out my journey that I lost my guts to really drive confidently fast. These days I stick to the middle lane and going down slopes, I keep a relative distance.

It was a small damage physically....but a huge lesson on driving patience.

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kokwai said...

Advice you to blackout the car plate no. You never know who else is reading your blog. Have a great day!