Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 Jan 2014 for Caylee

Caylee concerns me more than the brother in some ways.

She was ever so ready for school and was looking forward to it so much.
She was upset when she saw her uniform was not pink.
But her excitement for school superseded her need for pink!

On the first day, she was already half a foot in before she said good bye. I had to catch her attention to say good bye to her.

I was so proud of my little girl. And the teachers were amazed that a girl can be so cool about entering a new place.

Then the Friday incident happened.

Her first scolding from her teacher. It was boo hoo cry (which stopped quite fast I heard and this surprised me knowing my girl's cries) and a refusal after that to go back to school.

Monday was heart wrenching for me cause I dropped her and she hung on to me for dear life. It was quite comical when the teacher tried to 'catch' her and she kept dodging the teacher while still hanging on to my leg. In the end I had to tear her away from me and walk out to the sound of her crying 'Maaammeeee...'
Aaahhh....you know that feeling. Tough love.

Perhaps it was only the Monday blues. She has not been crying since. I hope it stays that way. She is mimicking the teacher most evening, making me act as her student. And she willingly takes out her own workbooks to do 'homework' like her kor kor.

On her 2nd day she had water play in kindy. When I asked her if she liked it, she said NO! Why not? Coz the boys were so naughty. They splash and splash until all the water went out. I prefer playing at home with kor kor only. I don't like boys.

Hahahaha....girl and girl. But you still want a boyfriend!

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mNhL said...

Wow... she is really cool as she did not cry on the first day.