Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 Jan 2014 for Christopher

A leap for Christopher from kindy to primary 1.
A step for Caylee to kindy.

Both kids took on their first day with excitement and bravery.

Christopher literally jumped out of bed when I woke him up on Thursday morning. No fuss about brushing his teeth at all. Had his breakfast as fast as he could and dressed up in his sports wear.

We received his timetable on his Orientation Day, 31 Dec. And the first day, he had PJ. So, a couple of us parents decided to let them wear their Sports Wear. But since we could not get their Sports house Tshirt yet, it would have to be white T and track bottoms. It was a mad rush for me coz I did not get him any white T yet. Not sure why it never crossed my mind to get it. Anyways, I went to Tesco to get it but the Back to School promo was done with and they were out of white Ts. So I rushed to Jusco to get it in the end. Bought him 2 white Ts and an additional track bottom. In the end, on the first day of school itself, the stock for his sports wear was available and I bought him 2 of his sports house shirts. What a waste of effort and money rushing to get the white T. And although I was too tired to be stressed, it affected my parents as well. 
Hiccup #1.

When Christopher and I walked into school on the first day, I was not at all concerned that not everyone in his class was not in sports wear. Good thing he was not concerned as well.

Unlike during orientation when we went in normal clothing and was anxious when we saw almost all other kids wearing their school uniform. We literally stood there debating if we should go home and change! But we didn't in the end when at last we saw one other girl wearing normal clothing!

To my surprise his class was almost full. There weren't many places left to sit and Christopher insisted on sitting at the back by the window.

He has since moved a row behind and is now sitting all by himself in that row. Reason being on the second day someone came slightly earlier and took his seat! The good thing about him sitting alone is that he doesn't have much opportunity to talk to anyone. On the other hand, it does become harder to make friends. And it can become too quiet that he dreams!

After 2 days of bringing him to school and picking him up, I began to notice that his trolley bag is quite hazardous. When he pulls it, it can sometimes knock into other bags and then it topples over. Especially when the kids are running or waling fast with it. And then there are the drains which they have to avoid. And if someone spills something in the canteen and the kids don't see it, I can't imagine the dirt! Also the next week it would be my dad alone dropping him off. If as we planned, my dad drive pass the gate and Christopher has to get out and walk in himself, it would be too difficult to carry his bag up the stairs. So, on Monday afternoon, it was a rush to buy him a backpack. In the end I bought him a Swan backpack. Noticed that Swan will repair the bag for you.

For the pass 3 days he has only been carrying his required text books to school. He does his workbooks in class itself and leaves it in class. Also he has had no need to bring back any of his exercise books either so far. All his workbooks and exercise books are left in class. He only brings back his text books, and homework if any. So, to put 3-4 text books in a trolley bag with his pencil box, tumbler and lunch box seems ridiculous! Hiccup #2.

On Christopher's feelings with regard to school. On the first day itself he refused to let me carry his bag for him. I think the joy of pulling their own bag is exciting. And he didn't want me to help him in front of his friends. In other words - no mothering him! He tells me only half of what happens in school. The rest of the blanks I get from other mothers.

Yes, on Orientation Day itself we mothers exchanged telephone numbers and have since started a WhatsApp Group - A1 !

Christopher's schedule is rather full now. I have warned him NO TV on weekdays. But he is still watching some since homework has not started. And neither has some of his co-curriculum. He is in robotics and Taekwando every Tue and Thurs. Mon and Web will be Enopi. Sat am planing to start him in swimming. And then I have to slot in Mandarin somewhere. Yup, it will be a fun filled schedule for him. No more mindless TV! And no, I don't feel it's too much at all. I am a mean mum!

Caylee....in my next post!

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mNhL said...

i have problem with the bag issues too. My boy's class is at the 3rd floor! His bags (1 trolley, 1 hand carry) are rather heavy. The trolley can turned into backpacks too. Currently, I'm helping him to carry the bags up to his class. I'm not sure how long I should help.