Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Extra activities for a 7 year old?

My objective for Christopher this year was to fill up his time with activity. Reduce the ipad fiasco and mindless TV.

So, for the year, he will have Eye Level on Mon and Wed evenings. Tue and Thurs he has to stay back at school for his activities. And then after CNY will start him on Mandarin and swimming.

It has been quite a feat trying to fit in Mandarin in his schedule. I can't do it on Mon and Wed coz those are the days he comes back late from school and with Eye Level in the evening, it may be too tiring. Tue, his activity ends at 4 pm so I reckon give him a break after that for homework and then rest. Thurs his Taekwondo ends at 2.30 so that leaves him some times in the evenings. However, most Mandarin classes seem to prefer to have 3 classes a week.

As of now, homework for him is scarce.

Had a chat with his Eye Level tutor and we concluded that he does take a longer time than others to conceptualize things. Like 10 + 15 is 25. Other kids will take maybe 2 lessons to learn it. But he will take 4. So, help with his maths is very important.

Language seems to come easier to him. I have little trouble teaching him BM, at least not yet. And he seems to pick up Mandarin pretty well when he is forced to focus.

Here's to a year of actualization! Hope he progresses on smoothly.

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mNhL said...

Nowadays, kids are very busy ! haha. Wish Christopher all the best.