Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Moving In.

29 Nov marked the end of my pre-moving in planning.

Although I had everything planned to the dot, as usual things never turn out the way you intend it to be.

I had the mover to go to the condo in the morning, followed by my old house. And then 1 lorry load to the new house. I expected all this to happen in the morning. Followed by the 2nd lorry load later in the morning or after lunch.

However, much to my annoyance, UNIFI which was scheduled to come in only in the afternoon decided to call me and come in the morning. It was such a rush for me to drop my last minute packing in the old house to open the new place for UNIFI to setup. The whole process of setting up UNIFI ended only at about 11 as the dock I was supposed to be linked to was already 'used'! So, they had to call in office to get approval to use another dock 3 poles down the road! It was a good thing hubby's friend was there to help me talk to them. And he dropped everything to come over and help me. God's blessing #1.

The first lorry load arrived shortly before 11. So, it was a scramble dealing with the UNIFI setup as well as telling the movers what goes where. God blessing #2 - Simon, Wai Yin and the 2 girls came with whatever hand held-s they could carry - including my handbag. God knows I had to pay the UNIFI people since my installation was considered not direct. Mine had to go above the ceiling!

Unpacking of most major stuff happened quite fast. In the span of 3 days I would say almost all the boxes were unpacked. Some things even moved again to increase the convenience factor. I had to wait another week before the rest of the furniture came in from Ipoh. Only then could the remaining things be put in place.

Round 2 of moving from Ipoh to PJ was more hectic. Perhaps coz 2 houses were affected, my parents had to also unpack, no one else to help, we were already tired. Tempers were short and many a sleepless night due to emotional stress.

It's been 1 month and 2 weeks now. I can say I am done (90%) with my settling down. My parents are 75% done. And we are down to the last packing and unpacking of the condo. It would take another 3 months before the 2 houses will be settled in. And all previous places sold and settled.

I love my library in the new house. Although the shelves are mismatched, I love that my books are all arranged nicely. The family room upstairs in fact is rather cool. I also love my new porch - ability to park 2 cars and still have space for the kids to kick their ball around. I love that the house is walking distance to a reasonably well kept park. And even walking distance to food and other necessities.

Parquet flooring upstairs is reasonably easy to maintain. I do the dry wipe every day. Marble flooring in the living room takes alot from me coz I feel that it gets oily faster. The tiles in the dry kitchen also irritate me coz they seem to be very porous and thus easily stained.

What I hope to be rid of is the ants in the house. And I will need to get used to the 2 Rottweilers and their poop.

I can't say that my house feels new anymore. Or perhaps it's me that is feeling jaded, and not so much the house.

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