Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Update on Caylee

My girl has become quite a negotiator since she started school.

She has only cried 1 more time since my last post. I don't send her to kindergarten anymore since I start work earlier. Not sure if that helps. I never used to want to send Christopher either in the earlier days cause I cannot stand them crying and maybe having mummy around makes them more clingy.

She does tell my mum once in a while that she doesn't want to go to school today when she gets up from bed.

When my mum fell sick, she feigned illness too and told my mum she is too sick to attend school. She even started coughing a bit and making nasal sounds. 

She has also reasoned that grandma doesn't go to work. So why can't I stay at home with grandma? Grandma can teach me too. Not necessarily the teacher!

And the next best way out of kindergarten is a ....but why can't I go to the 'other' school. The 'other' school is the classes she goes to on Saturday. 

And if she can't get out of school, she will approach us with questions like "Why do I have to stay the whole day?" or "Kor kor can come back half day, why can't I?"

So almost every other night, she will try to wiggle her way out of school. She sometimes even twists her question to confuse you so that your answer to her would be to stay home and she will hole you to that.

My dad asks me "So how ah? Why doesn't she like to go to school?"

I reckon after 3+ years of absolute freedom and crying without reprimand, she is doing well as it is. At least no screaming and crying and throwing tantrums. Just clever negotiations and skillful conversations. Hope lying won't be the next thing I have to tackle soon with her.

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