Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First tooth out!

I wonder what was the reason for my first dental visit!

For Christopher's case, this is his 4th time to the dentist. And I think this particular visit could be the deal breaker. His first 3 times were to do some filling work which in comparison to this visit was noisy but painless.

He has an adult tooth coming up. His bottom right front tooth has sprouted just behind his baby teeth. And his baby tooth shows NO sign of coming out.

So, we had to go to the dentist to pull out the baby tooth to make way for the adult one.

And now we know why the baby tooth showed no signs of coming out. It was 1/3 out and 2/3 rooted! So, I for see a lot of difficulties in his tooth changing process.


He did very well at the dentist. He was very calm and listened to all the instructions. When the dentist gave him the injection, she had him close his eyes. Which was really great coz the needle looked mighty scary!

1 hour after, his gum still feels numb, he is in some pain. Resting now with an ice pack on his bottom lip and TV. Looks like no tuition for today and something soft for dinner!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Being bullied

Since returning to school after CNY, my son has been bullied twice.

Early in the school year, other kids from his class were being bullied. I know coz the parents were discussing this over the WhatsApp group chat. I felt sorry for the kids but glad that Christopher was not a target.

The 2nd incident caused us all to question him a little more.

We found out that the 2 times he got bullied was when he was alone in class. It happened either before or at the end of recess time.

The thing that irks me to no end is that he was alone in class during recess time because he intended to complete his home work in school. I mean, $^#& these bullies. My son is doing a good thing here. And for that he gets targeted?

His grandparents caught upon a sign just this week. To survive not being bullied, kids are advised NOT to be alone at all times, no matter what the circumstance. So, even if a teacher asks you to do something, you are NOT to do it if that means you will be alone.

When my mum told me this, I was so mad. IF the school knew this to be happening, why don't they get teachers to walk around, at least for the first few months, where the Primary 1 classes are located. So that if they see kids alone in the classroom, they can go advise the kid not to be in class during recess?

Christopher is taking all of this pretty well in fact. He doesn't make a big deal out of his bullying. And in fact my conversation with him about the matter is usually put to an end fairly quickly. I hope it is not because he was threatened. I hope he doesn't say much about it because he doesn't want to cause an over-reaction in me.

Like his first day of school, the more positive his reaction to a matter, the more I feel he deserves more.  Which makes me resolve not to be so hard on him on other matters. And to respect his decision on how things should be handled.

I have told him to not go to class during recess anymore. I will accept that he has alot of homework to do and if he plays too hard and is a little dirty, I will accept it too. I just want him to have a positive learning experience in school. And to always know he can talk to me and I will listen carefully to him. It takes a lot of determination on my part to stop the chores and really talk to my kid. To heck with my own exercise and a clean house. Christopher deserves so much more from me too.

I am so proud of my son. 

Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese New Year was so different for us this year.

It was the first year celebrating with my new sister in law. Next year her little one will be joining us as well. I love that my kids will have a new cousin.

Also given Christopher is in Std 1 this year, we could not take prolonged leave of absences. School started on Day 5 so after the customary Day 1 at my inlaws place, we spent Day 2-4 in Malacca.

My dad's family is in Malacca. And my aunt from Kemaman and one of her daughters from Australia would be back. So, it was a reunion of sorts.

Dinner with the whole clan was a cluttery affair. We used to split up between the generations - the old generation and the young. However, this year, the young generation could not be contained in one table. We were 5 couples and 5 kids trying to squeeze into one table. In the end, one of the couples with a baby had to sit in the older generation table. I reckon they at least had a proper meal.

My elder cousin's daughter was literally an angel. She was well behaved and bowed even when she said sorry to you. A far cry from my Australian cousin's son, my daughter and even my other cousin's 8 month old baby girl. Although we received some comments on the comparison, I am glad taht I could handle the criticism. And I empathize with my other cousin's wife who juggling her 8 month old baby had not yet generated her thick skin!

My son was a charming boy. He has a tendency I realise to reach out to the ones who are a little shy. My cousin's son from Australia took a long time to warm up to the other kids and I found my son being particularly attentive when playing with him. It was great.

We did the customary Jonker Street exploration. This time without my son as he wanted to climb the St Paul's hill with my dad. Saw the most expensive and eye catching T in Hardrock. Good thing in a way they did not have my size in stock. If they did, it would be my 2nd time buying a T costing close to RM100.

We also did the boat ride, this time in the night. Differnt from doing it in the day, something about the lights.

My cousin's husband and her son fell ill the next day so they had to stay in and make an early start back to Kemaman. So, we did the customary cendol and other Malacca food and also made an earlier than expected start back to KL.

Next year, it would be back to Ipoh for CNY. Maybe a reunion in Taiping. Since my parents moved down, we have planned it to be a year with my dad's family and another year with my mum's. We shall see how best that plays out.