Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First tooth out!

I wonder what was the reason for my first dental visit!

For Christopher's case, this is his 4th time to the dentist. And I think this particular visit could be the deal breaker. His first 3 times were to do some filling work which in comparison to this visit was noisy but painless.

He has an adult tooth coming up. His bottom right front tooth has sprouted just behind his baby teeth. And his baby tooth shows NO sign of coming out.

So, we had to go to the dentist to pull out the baby tooth to make way for the adult one.

And now we know why the baby tooth showed no signs of coming out. It was 1/3 out and 2/3 rooted! So, I for see a lot of difficulties in his tooth changing process.


He did very well at the dentist. He was very calm and listened to all the instructions. When the dentist gave him the injection, she had him close his eyes. Which was really great coz the needle looked mighty scary!

1 hour after, his gum still feels numb, he is in some pain. Resting now with an ice pack on his bottom lip and TV. Looks like no tuition for today and something soft for dinner!


Clinton Zelman said...

Kudos to him! Getting one's teeth removed is tough even for adults, and is often the root of all bad memories and winces when people think of dental care. Though that shouldn't have to be the case, given proper dental work and competent dentist. It can even be a good precedent with which to set one's disposition with dentists.

Douglas Smith DDS

Chelsea Osborne said...

Christopher is definitely a big boy! That looks very painful but he did well on the dentist’s chair and listened carefully to the dentist’s instruction. How I wish all kids are like him. You must be very proud of him.

Chelsea @ Broadway Dental Care

Leslie Robertson said...

It’s great that you decided to act upon this situation, it would have been hard for Christopher if he had his baby tooth blocking the adult tooth. And it’s nice to know that he did pretty well throughout the procedure, and that the dentist had her ways on how to help him keep calm when he started to feel restless. Anyway, I hope you guys are doing fine with regards to dental care, and everything else. Thanks for sharing!

Leslie Robertson @ Masterpiece Smiles