Sunday, April 27, 2014

New rice cooker!

I went on a little mad shopping spree over the weekend.

Bought 2 tops, 1 dress and 2 pants setting me back over RM 300. I tell myself I didn't get anything last year, so it's o.k to indulge a little. It is something I have been looking for for a long time anyways. And Hamleys allows hubby and the kids to be preoccupied for a little while while I shop alone.

I also bought a new rice cooker. The Panasonic one that I have been using still works fine actually. Although during the move, I have lost the rubber valve at the top so water inside frequently seeps out. So, I find it so trouble some to wipe and wipe the tiles and the cover and all around everyday. Also the inner pot has some scratches and replacing it would cost another RM 100.

So, I decided to get a stainless steel inner pot rice cooker instead. Buffalo rice cookers are way too expensive. Decided to settle for the Khind Anshin rice cooker which uses the Buffalo inner pot. Bought it from ESH using hubby's Maybank points. It cost me RM 270 since I bought the one which comes with a free streamer.

Unfortunately this rice cooker does not come with many functions. So, I guess I will be boiling porridge the Sasha's way now :

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter weekend activities

This year's Easter marks a slight difference for me.

Made the final settlement regarding the accident.
The condo sale is finally completed and we will be getting the check soon.
So, money out, money in.
In fact since this incident, as of now, I really feel that what is the point of sacrificing myself. What is the point even in stopping hubby from buying what he wants? Just don't over indulge, but spend what is needed to make my life easier (like cleaners, laundry) and make myself and the family happy. If I do that, than maybe losing money to a person who takes advantage of my good nature won't make me feel so used!

My health took a turn for the worse due to the accident. Hormonal wise, the stress has affected me. And I find a lack of appetite these days, maybe a result of 2 weeks of emotional turmoil. If not for gastric, I think I would be fine with a liquid diet.

Since the accident, I feel I want to change my car. However, since a car is only a car to me, I have decided to let hubby change his car instead. And I will take over his City.

This Easter I also helped in the Sunday School Program for the kids 6 and below. In the course of bouncing off ideas and getting people to be involved in different areas, I always wonder if they are surprised with this part of me I seldom display in church. In a way, having to work closer with some, I also learn how each person deals with a situation. And how much some need to be pushed, while others prefer me not to be involved. Alas, the practice of management skills I only know theoretically so far. Being 'in charge' of the event also means you need to be really enthusiastic about the whole thing. And the welcome and initial atmosphere needs to be set by you. It turned out pretty well all in all. For the whole weekend, that 2 hours of the event was the time I felt least sick.

We also found a new place this weekend which you can see online under It's a place that sells Lego in loose pieces. And so you get to pick and choose parts you want to buy. Mighty handy if there are some pieces that you have lost. I bought some roof tiles and a light brown series of parts there. Also bought hubby a Star Wars gift for rescuing me from further handling of the accident.

Sunday was spent sleeping, most of the morning, that is. Since there was no church, hubby and I took our sleepy meds for our cough. Admittedly weather was great for sleeping! And the kids had a blast sprawling their lego on the living room floor and playing make believe. No noise either from any of us when they interchanged ipad and TV.

It's a good thing it's raining more and more. Hope all this rain will fill up the dam in preparation for future dry months.

Hope all will be well....pray all will be well.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Third Party Bodily Injury Claim

What a tedious lesson this was for me.

I have learnt that when a car hits a pedestrian, and the pedestrian gets hurt, we can make a 3rd party bodily injury claim with our motor insurance company.

What you will need to make the claim would be your own police report, the other party's police report, all medical reports and bills (photocopy is allowed but best to double check with the 3rd party bodily injury claim dept of your insurance company, and NOT the customer service) and a cover letter from the claimee stating they want a direct settlement from your insurance company and that they will not be suing you. You will also need a copy of their IC. I reckon they need both police reports to determine if as a driver you were wrong in the first place. And if you did not break any traffic rules, then the insurance company will pay for the claims.

I know all this because the lady that fell as a result of my car went for all her medical checkups and refused to give me her original receipts unless I make a payment to her beforehand.

In her quest for money from me, she even threw words like 'they will take away your license', 'you must be responsible for everything', 'I know people in Bukit Aman', all the threatening phrases that hit me like ripples of shock. And at last, she also used the sympathy card that she is an old lady and how can we make her go through all the trouble of making a police report when she finds it so hard to move. She was climbing up and down the stairs of her house 3 days after the accident (so her daughter accidentally leaked), so I find this a total load of nonsense. 

She has thus slapped me with a 1,500 bill of which only 800 are receipted. The rest she claims as physiotherapy, in other words she is going to those chinese massage centers to have massages, each session costing 30 and she wants me to pay for 10 sessions! The remaining 400 is for any future medical expenditure she deems fit. 

Every grain of my being wants to fight this and tell her to go make her police report and claim my insurance. However, to put matters behind us as soon as possible, hubby feels just give her the 1500 and begone with it.

So, the next time any 3rd party is involved, report police and request the other party to report to the police and straight away notify the insurance so that all further claims can be dealt by them. Being my first accident of such kind, and being too soft a person in nature, I heaped upon  myself undue stress and prolonged distress to my family.

I have since surrendered this incident into the hands of my Father. May He give me peace against the stress and the feeling I was taken advantage of. Into your hands.....I commit again! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Langkawi Day 3

I decided to keep it simple on Day 3. We wanted to make an early start to the beach. But unfortunately La Pari Pari only starts serving breakfast at 9 am. So, for the 30 minutes before, the kids played by the pool and I took the opportunity to swim. What an experience swimming in a salted chlorinated pool!

After a few laps, hubby ordered breakfast and we toweled ourselves and went to eat. By the time we were ready for the beach, it was close to 11 am. IT was alright but could have been better if my girl and I were still in our swimming costumes. The only person who was dressed to play was my son.

After some time, given she was not dressed for the beach, my daughter threw a tantrum and wanted to go back. She couldn't avoid playing seeing the brother having so much fun and had wet her dress in the process. And for the life of me, she didn't want sand in her shoes on a beach!!!

But the beach at Sunset Hotel was really good. It was shallow and clean and had no sea shells on the sea shore. However, how my son came out from the water having a deep scratch across his face is beyond me! Maybe the fish swimming alongside him decided to check him out! Or he was in the way of the little tiny crabs.

Anyways, after much a spectacle by my daughter, we had to pull my son out of the water and back to the hotel. We checked out at around 1 pm. I had to pay for a glass bottle I thought could stand hot water but did not. They checked that the room was in order and we were allowed to leave.

Decided to do rice for lunch since it would be a long day after. Also made a last stop at the Pantai Cenang duty free zone. Bought my dad some drinks as well as some mini vodka bottles for our cough remedy. Then we were on our way to the airport. Our flight was at 4.55 pm so we had some time to kill at the airport. but surprisingly it passed by quite fast. The girl fell asleep and I read books with the boy.

We took the bus back to 1U from the LCCT. Took us an hour so I was very hungry by the time we had our dinner at 8 pm. So, for this holiday, we covered all common modes of transport except the train. We took the car (of course), aeroplane, boat and bus. My son was one happy camper!

It didn't make going back to school any easier though.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Langkawi Day 2

We started Day 2 with the island hopping. We already pre-booked the day before and they were scheduled to pick us up at 9 am. So we made our way to the pick up point and the kids had to be patient yet again. I so need to teach them a lesson on patience.

Getting on the boat with 2 kids and a bag and tons of other tourists was not an easy task. Keeping one kid in check and carrying the other who clung to me for dear life while I struggled with climbing. Anyways, it was fun on the boat. When they passed the pregnant maiden island, I had no free hands to take a decent picture. And to avoid further questions like 'what is breast mummy?' coming from my loud son.

We arrived at the first island and got off. My daughter was already complaining that her dress was wet, she wants to go home and she wants some warm milk! I was am I going to go through this whole boat trip? Half carrying her, we made our way to the fresh water lake. On the way there, my son who was swinging his bag of beach stuff got a shock of his life. One of the monkeys actually came over and pulled the bag from him. He literally screamed, dropped the bag and ran to daddy. Of course when the monkey saw there was no food inside, he threw the bag back at my son. Daddy carried the bag from there on.

When we reached the fresh water area, the kids got excited again. Took out their water guns and filled it up to shoot at each other. Given we only had an hour, I didn't encourage any swimming. Just dip our legs into the water and kick and just relax. But lo and behold, I was sitting with my daughter and hubby was walking around. And my very funny boy leaned too far into the pond and fell in! I shouted for daddy and lifted my daughter to sit at the side. And I jumped into the pond to rescue him. Oh my Lord!!! What a fright for him! When I lifted him to the edge, I had no strength to lift him up. Good thing another white guy was near to us and he lifted my son up and also helped me up to the edge. After some crying, he calmed down and I had a talk with him on obeying and danger. Also I forced him back into the water with me. The chinese say where you fall is where you need to get back up again. I had to ignore all the stares and urge him above his blue murder screams!

He made friends with that white guy after that. My son makes friends so easily! And they ended up being captain and co-captain for the rest of the island trip. In fact the guy bought him his photo frame when the trip was over.

The 2nd island stop was relatively better. The wind was strong, it was slightly cloudy and the kids had a blast making sand castles and chasing waves! My daughter oh daughter wore her shoes all the time coz she couldn't stand that beach was filled with sea shells!

The eagle feeding portion was alright. My daughter had already fallen asleep so I was just eager to get back to land, to lunch and to the bathroom to wash up!

After washing up, we treated the kids to McD and Kidsmeal. Then we made our way to the cable car.

The queue wasn't that bad. But the ride was scary for me. For once the kids were braver than me and they were so cute taking care of me. Partly to curb him in and partly coz I was really scared, I made my son walk in front of me when we reached the station. So I only had to look at his shoes and walk where he walked. I am so afraid of heights! Going down was not as bad as going up. Maybe coz I knew the end destination will be good.

We also went for the 6D show. I screamed as much as I thought I would not. And it turned out to be better than I expected. The kids were in awe of it. They looked under and behind the chairs after which to see where the water and the wind and the 'feelings' all came from.

After that I decided to go chocolate shopping. Had one sole intention to get Rocher and that is all. But why oh why were the prices so cheap? And also they had Combos which I love!!! So I spent RM200+ on chocs and chips!

Where did we have dinner? Aaahhh.....we were early enough to find one local restaurant we wanted to try. We managed to find it and had a relatively good dinner at Teo's.

Langkawi Day 1

At last, we made the visit to Langkawi. Chose to do it this year only since Christopher started primary schooling and we didn't want to join the mad rush in a car with 2 active kids.

It was Caylee's first time in an aeroplane. I think it wasn't such a novelty for her, as it was for Christopher. And even it being Caylee's first time got him more excited than her. The thing about airports and aeroplanes though is that you have to be there early. And it being Air Asia, you see many planes going to Langkawi which you cannot board. Such was the frustration of my little boy. He didn't understand why we had to arrive so early just to watch plane after plane take off to Langkawi without us!

Anyways, after a small argument on who should take the window seat, the kids settled down. There was also a small argument with me on why they cannot order something from the trolley. In the end they accepted the bread I was pinching for them from my bag, happy just to be able to eat something in air!

The first thing that compounded us I would say when we reached Langkawi was the choice of car rental companies. They were all literally calling out to us like mongers in a market! I looked at hubby since I did zilch research on car rentals. We ended up going to the one that we could walk a straight line to. Weird way of making a decision but when you have nothing else to go on....

We made a wrong decision with the car rental though. Or maybe coz hubby haggled on the price to be RM100 a day. We were given a Waja that I looked at with much skepticism. The kids outloud complained 'what kind of car is this?' Anyways, we got in and made our way to the nearest petrol station. For the life of me, I don't understand how the policy can be that you can return a car with an empty tank! So the next person has to be troubled with visiting a petrol station as their first stop. After that we decided to check in since hubby was not too comfortable wandering round town in the junk.

And what a junk it turned out to be, coz on our way to the cable car, it BROKE DOWN ! I mean, NOW I know how it is like when a car is over heated and just decides to stop working! With my 2 sleeping angels in the car what more. We had to wait a frustrating 30 min to get a replacement car WITH NO PETROL again!

It was so late by the time we reached the cable car station we decided not to waste our effort going up. Also the line was ridiculously long for a 2 hour duration to closing. So we decided to take a drive round town and head to Kuah for dinner. The kids ended up throwing a tantrum coz we stopped by Black Beach and they were only allowed a 10 min play time. We headed to see the eagle just for a customary must do thing in Langkawi. And then made our way for dinner.

Ended up back at Pantai Cenang for dinner which thank God turned out pretty good. We were so tired and hungry we just settled for one of the chinese restaurants along the main street. Then it was back to the hotel coz my girl was craving her milk!

La Pari Pari, the place we stayed in is pretty awesome. Quite establishment consisting of 12 chalets. There is a small salted pool and the food is pretty high standard. Not the typical kind of hotel, which strangely I think I prefer. Their concept is like they are hosting your stay in Langkawi. And I wanted more privacy so that I could scold my kids with full force and not put on a smiling face! :) But the bathroom was huge and felt so borderless.

The day started on a tough note....and this holiday became tougher as the days went by.

2nd Accident

I had my 2nd traumatic accident last Sunday 8.10 am on the 6th April 2014.

I was returning from the market. Given the early hour, I thought it was safe to make a turn on this very busy junction opposite Ignatius church. The car on my right gave me way to move to the middle of the road to make a turn. I waited till the car on my left turned in and passed me. And then I made my turn...

As soon as I made my turn, I noticed a lady waving her arms on my right side driver's window. At that instance, I realised she must have stepped on the road to cross. My first thought was 'Lord, please don't let my car run over her'. I braked straight away with my car blocking the entire 2 lane road.

I rushed out and saw her on the ground. There was blood on her lips. She was crying. 'Lord, oh Lord!' There were a few people coming to her aid. As soon as I found she was ok and a nice lady was with her, I moved my car to the side of the road. Quite a jam was happening!

We decided to bring her to Kelana Medical Centre to receive treatment for her wounds. I wanted so much for the nice chinese lady to come with me, but she was unable. So, another lady who came later volunteered to come with me.

At KMC, there were some incidents. The doctor in charge was reluctant to take in an emergency patient. But at last agreed to check her vitals and dress her wounds. He advised me to bring her to the University Hospital as they have a Minor Trauma Unit to address accidents like this. The lady who came with me did not like the attitude of the KMC doctor and threatened to sue him. However, the doctor did tell me that he can treat her but it would cost me about 3-5 K. Also in UH, they have all the procedures and equipment and the cost won't be that high. In private hospitals, they tend to do more than is required at the request of the family without considering anything else. In his opinion, private hospitals are not equipped to handle accident cases and money becomes the main motive.

I was not in the right frame of mind to consider all this, truth be told. And I could not handle the lady's expectations and what she was telling the family to do.

Anyways, the KMC doctor gave me a letter for the UH doctor and because of this letter, Aunty Yap the lady I knocked, together with her son and daughter agreed to go there for further check up.

I was so relieved that 2 hours later the X-ray report showed she had no fractures anywhere. The pain in her jaw, neck and shoulder was diagnosed as soft tissue injury - like a muscle pull etc. They requested that she be warded for 6 hours under observation.

At 5 pm, Kev and I returned to the hospital. She was still having pain in her chest and I reckon she wanted to have a chest scan. However, the UH doctor says all her vitals look good and there was no need to put her through a CT scan. Aunty Yap was eager to go home so at 6pm, we hurried through her discharge and her kids brought her home.

I came to know Aunty Yap stays in a bungalow house alone in Tmn Megah. She has been staying there for 30 years. She has 3 kids, one passed away less than a month ago of cancer in UH. Which would explain why she didn't want to step into UH again this time round. She is a very independent lady and does not like troubling her kids. I would like to be friend Aunty Yap and help her if ever she needs assistance. Although sometimes I don't know if I have the capacity or time to do that.

This morning, I had an emotional surge. I reckon I was so drained and tired yesterday I did not allow myself to come out of the trauma. When I allowed the emotions to drain out, I cried and cried out all the anxiety. I think I can tell this story calmly now if the next person brings it up. But for the first time, I experienced gripping fear and GUILT never felt before. It was so hard, so hard to let it go. So much that when I heard a siren, I actually jumped and hid within my heart. Such was my fear and guilt. But as the day passes, I am beginning to let it go.

To have an accident with a pedestrian, what more an elderly lady is the worse scenario you can ever imagine. Lord, please don't let my trials be more than I can bear.