Monday, April 7, 2014

2nd Accident

I had my 2nd traumatic accident last Sunday 8.10 am on the 6th April 2014.

I was returning from the market. Given the early hour, I thought it was safe to make a turn on this very busy junction opposite Ignatius church. The car on my right gave me way to move to the middle of the road to make a turn. I waited till the car on my left turned in and passed me. And then I made my turn...

As soon as I made my turn, I noticed a lady waving her arms on my right side driver's window. At that instance, I realised she must have stepped on the road to cross. My first thought was 'Lord, please don't let my car run over her'. I braked straight away with my car blocking the entire 2 lane road.

I rushed out and saw her on the ground. There was blood on her lips. She was crying. 'Lord, oh Lord!' There were a few people coming to her aid. As soon as I found she was ok and a nice lady was with her, I moved my car to the side of the road. Quite a jam was happening!

We decided to bring her to Kelana Medical Centre to receive treatment for her wounds. I wanted so much for the nice chinese lady to come with me, but she was unable. So, another lady who came later volunteered to come with me.

At KMC, there were some incidents. The doctor in charge was reluctant to take in an emergency patient. But at last agreed to check her vitals and dress her wounds. He advised me to bring her to the University Hospital as they have a Minor Trauma Unit to address accidents like this. The lady who came with me did not like the attitude of the KMC doctor and threatened to sue him. However, the doctor did tell me that he can treat her but it would cost me about 3-5 K. Also in UH, they have all the procedures and equipment and the cost won't be that high. In private hospitals, they tend to do more than is required at the request of the family without considering anything else. In his opinion, private hospitals are not equipped to handle accident cases and money becomes the main motive.

I was not in the right frame of mind to consider all this, truth be told. And I could not handle the lady's expectations and what she was telling the family to do.

Anyways, the KMC doctor gave me a letter for the UH doctor and because of this letter, Aunty Yap the lady I knocked, together with her son and daughter agreed to go there for further check up.

I was so relieved that 2 hours later the X-ray report showed she had no fractures anywhere. The pain in her jaw, neck and shoulder was diagnosed as soft tissue injury - like a muscle pull etc. They requested that she be warded for 6 hours under observation.

At 5 pm, Kev and I returned to the hospital. She was still having pain in her chest and I reckon she wanted to have a chest scan. However, the UH doctor says all her vitals look good and there was no need to put her through a CT scan. Aunty Yap was eager to go home so at 6pm, we hurried through her discharge and her kids brought her home.

I came to know Aunty Yap stays in a bungalow house alone in Tmn Megah. She has been staying there for 30 years. She has 3 kids, one passed away less than a month ago of cancer in UH. Which would explain why she didn't want to step into UH again this time round. She is a very independent lady and does not like troubling her kids. I would like to be friend Aunty Yap and help her if ever she needs assistance. Although sometimes I don't know if I have the capacity or time to do that.

This morning, I had an emotional surge. I reckon I was so drained and tired yesterday I did not allow myself to come out of the trauma. When I allowed the emotions to drain out, I cried and cried out all the anxiety. I think I can tell this story calmly now if the next person brings it up. But for the first time, I experienced gripping fear and GUILT never felt before. It was so hard, so hard to let it go. So much that when I heard a siren, I actually jumped and hid within my heart. Such was my fear and guilt. But as the day passes, I am beginning to let it go.

To have an accident with a pedestrian, what more an elderly lady is the worse scenario you can ever imagine. Lord, please don't let my trials be more than I can bear.

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Health Freak Mommy said...

The Lord will only give you this much that you can ever handle. You will overcome this in no time. I remember that when I was about 8yo, i ran my bicycle into an old lady who was walking with a packet of eggs. I quickly got down fr my bicycle to help her up. She was pissed with me!!