Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter weekend activities

This year's Easter marks a slight difference for me.

Made the final settlement regarding the accident.
The condo sale is finally completed and we will be getting the check soon.
So, money out, money in.
In fact since this incident, as of now, I really feel that what is the point of sacrificing myself. What is the point even in stopping hubby from buying what he wants? Just don't over indulge, but spend what is needed to make my life easier (like cleaners, laundry) and make myself and the family happy. If I do that, than maybe losing money to a person who takes advantage of my good nature won't make me feel so used!

My health took a turn for the worse due to the accident. Hormonal wise, the stress has affected me. And I find a lack of appetite these days, maybe a result of 2 weeks of emotional turmoil. If not for gastric, I think I would be fine with a liquid diet.

Since the accident, I feel I want to change my car. However, since a car is only a car to me, I have decided to let hubby change his car instead. And I will take over his City.

This Easter I also helped in the Sunday School Program for the kids 6 and below. In the course of bouncing off ideas and getting people to be involved in different areas, I always wonder if they are surprised with this part of me I seldom display in church. In a way, having to work closer with some, I also learn how each person deals with a situation. And how much some need to be pushed, while others prefer me not to be involved. Alas, the practice of management skills I only know theoretically so far. Being 'in charge' of the event also means you need to be really enthusiastic about the whole thing. And the welcome and initial atmosphere needs to be set by you. It turned out pretty well all in all. For the whole weekend, that 2 hours of the event was the time I felt least sick.

We also found a new place this weekend which you can see online under It's a place that sells Lego in loose pieces. And so you get to pick and choose parts you want to buy. Mighty handy if there are some pieces that you have lost. I bought some roof tiles and a light brown series of parts there. Also bought hubby a Star Wars gift for rescuing me from further handling of the accident.

Sunday was spent sleeping, most of the morning, that is. Since there was no church, hubby and I took our sleepy meds for our cough. Admittedly weather was great for sleeping! And the kids had a blast sprawling their lego on the living room floor and playing make believe. No noise either from any of us when they interchanged ipad and TV.

It's a good thing it's raining more and more. Hope all this rain will fill up the dam in preparation for future dry months.

Hope all will be well....pray all will be well.

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Small Kucing said...

Hi Ann. Have not bloghop here long time. sorry to hear about your accident. Most important get well soon