Monday, April 7, 2014

Langkawi Day 1

At last, we made the visit to Langkawi. Chose to do it this year only since Christopher started primary schooling and we didn't want to join the mad rush in a car with 2 active kids.

It was Caylee's first time in an aeroplane. I think it wasn't such a novelty for her, as it was for Christopher. And even it being Caylee's first time got him more excited than her. The thing about airports and aeroplanes though is that you have to be there early. And it being Air Asia, you see many planes going to Langkawi which you cannot board. Such was the frustration of my little boy. He didn't understand why we had to arrive so early just to watch plane after plane take off to Langkawi without us!

Anyways, after a small argument on who should take the window seat, the kids settled down. There was also a small argument with me on why they cannot order something from the trolley. In the end they accepted the bread I was pinching for them from my bag, happy just to be able to eat something in air!

The first thing that compounded us I would say when we reached Langkawi was the choice of car rental companies. They were all literally calling out to us like mongers in a market! I looked at hubby since I did zilch research on car rentals. We ended up going to the one that we could walk a straight line to. Weird way of making a decision but when you have nothing else to go on....

We made a wrong decision with the car rental though. Or maybe coz hubby haggled on the price to be RM100 a day. We were given a Waja that I looked at with much skepticism. The kids outloud complained 'what kind of car is this?' Anyways, we got in and made our way to the nearest petrol station. For the life of me, I don't understand how the policy can be that you can return a car with an empty tank! So the next person has to be troubled with visiting a petrol station as their first stop. After that we decided to check in since hubby was not too comfortable wandering round town in the junk.

And what a junk it turned out to be, coz on our way to the cable car, it BROKE DOWN ! I mean, NOW I know how it is like when a car is over heated and just decides to stop working! With my 2 sleeping angels in the car what more. We had to wait a frustrating 30 min to get a replacement car WITH NO PETROL again!

It was so late by the time we reached the cable car station we decided not to waste our effort going up. Also the line was ridiculously long for a 2 hour duration to closing. So we decided to take a drive round town and head to Kuah for dinner. The kids ended up throwing a tantrum coz we stopped by Black Beach and they were only allowed a 10 min play time. We headed to see the eagle just for a customary must do thing in Langkawi. And then made our way for dinner.

Ended up back at Pantai Cenang for dinner which thank God turned out pretty good. We were so tired and hungry we just settled for one of the chinese restaurants along the main street. Then it was back to the hotel coz my girl was craving her milk!

La Pari Pari, the place we stayed in is pretty awesome. Quite establishment consisting of 12 chalets. There is a small salted pool and the food is pretty high standard. Not the typical kind of hotel, which strangely I think I prefer. Their concept is like they are hosting your stay in Langkawi. And I wanted more privacy so that I could scold my kids with full force and not put on a smiling face! :) But the bathroom was huge and felt so borderless.

The day started on a tough note....and this holiday became tougher as the days went by.

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