Monday, April 7, 2014

Langkawi Day 2

We started Day 2 with the island hopping. We already pre-booked the day before and they were scheduled to pick us up at 9 am. So we made our way to the pick up point and the kids had to be patient yet again. I so need to teach them a lesson on patience.

Getting on the boat with 2 kids and a bag and tons of other tourists was not an easy task. Keeping one kid in check and carrying the other who clung to me for dear life while I struggled with climbing. Anyways, it was fun on the boat. When they passed the pregnant maiden island, I had no free hands to take a decent picture. And to avoid further questions like 'what is breast mummy?' coming from my loud son.

We arrived at the first island and got off. My daughter was already complaining that her dress was wet, she wants to go home and she wants some warm milk! I was am I going to go through this whole boat trip? Half carrying her, we made our way to the fresh water lake. On the way there, my son who was swinging his bag of beach stuff got a shock of his life. One of the monkeys actually came over and pulled the bag from him. He literally screamed, dropped the bag and ran to daddy. Of course when the monkey saw there was no food inside, he threw the bag back at my son. Daddy carried the bag from there on.

When we reached the fresh water area, the kids got excited again. Took out their water guns and filled it up to shoot at each other. Given we only had an hour, I didn't encourage any swimming. Just dip our legs into the water and kick and just relax. But lo and behold, I was sitting with my daughter and hubby was walking around. And my very funny boy leaned too far into the pond and fell in! I shouted for daddy and lifted my daughter to sit at the side. And I jumped into the pond to rescue him. Oh my Lord!!! What a fright for him! When I lifted him to the edge, I had no strength to lift him up. Good thing another white guy was near to us and he lifted my son up and also helped me up to the edge. After some crying, he calmed down and I had a talk with him on obeying and danger. Also I forced him back into the water with me. The chinese say where you fall is where you need to get back up again. I had to ignore all the stares and urge him above his blue murder screams!

He made friends with that white guy after that. My son makes friends so easily! And they ended up being captain and co-captain for the rest of the island trip. In fact the guy bought him his photo frame when the trip was over.

The 2nd island stop was relatively better. The wind was strong, it was slightly cloudy and the kids had a blast making sand castles and chasing waves! My daughter oh daughter wore her shoes all the time coz she couldn't stand that beach was filled with sea shells!

The eagle feeding portion was alright. My daughter had already fallen asleep so I was just eager to get back to land, to lunch and to the bathroom to wash up!

After washing up, we treated the kids to McD and Kidsmeal. Then we made our way to the cable car.

The queue wasn't that bad. But the ride was scary for me. For once the kids were braver than me and they were so cute taking care of me. Partly to curb him in and partly coz I was really scared, I made my son walk in front of me when we reached the station. So I only had to look at his shoes and walk where he walked. I am so afraid of heights! Going down was not as bad as going up. Maybe coz I knew the end destination will be good.

We also went for the 6D show. I screamed as much as I thought I would not. And it turned out to be better than I expected. The kids were in awe of it. They looked under and behind the chairs after which to see where the water and the wind and the 'feelings' all came from.

After that I decided to go chocolate shopping. Had one sole intention to get Rocher and that is all. But why oh why were the prices so cheap? And also they had Combos which I love!!! So I spent RM200+ on chocs and chips!

Where did we have dinner? Aaahhh.....we were early enough to find one local restaurant we wanted to try. We managed to find it and had a relatively good dinner at Teo's.

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