Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Langkawi Day 3

I decided to keep it simple on Day 3. We wanted to make an early start to the beach. But unfortunately La Pari Pari only starts serving breakfast at 9 am. So, for the 30 minutes before, the kids played by the pool and I took the opportunity to swim. What an experience swimming in a salted chlorinated pool!

After a few laps, hubby ordered breakfast and we toweled ourselves and went to eat. By the time we were ready for the beach, it was close to 11 am. IT was alright but could have been better if my girl and I were still in our swimming costumes. The only person who was dressed to play was my son.

After some time, given she was not dressed for the beach, my daughter threw a tantrum and wanted to go back. She couldn't avoid playing seeing the brother having so much fun and had wet her dress in the process. And for the life of me, she didn't want sand in her shoes on a beach!!!

But the beach at Sunset Hotel was really good. It was shallow and clean and had no sea shells on the sea shore. However, how my son came out from the water having a deep scratch across his face is beyond me! Maybe the fish swimming alongside him decided to check him out! Or he was in the way of the little tiny crabs.

Anyways, after much a spectacle by my daughter, we had to pull my son out of the water and back to the hotel. We checked out at around 1 pm. I had to pay for a glass bottle I thought could stand hot water but did not. They checked that the room was in order and we were allowed to leave.

Decided to do rice for lunch since it would be a long day after. Also made a last stop at the Pantai Cenang duty free zone. Bought my dad some drinks as well as some mini vodka bottles for our cough remedy. Then we were on our way to the airport. Our flight was at 4.55 pm so we had some time to kill at the airport. but surprisingly it passed by quite fast. The girl fell asleep and I read books with the boy.

We took the bus back to 1U from the LCCT. Took us an hour so I was very hungry by the time we had our dinner at 8 pm. So, for this holiday, we covered all common modes of transport except the train. We took the car (of course), aeroplane, boat and bus. My son was one happy camper!

It didn't make going back to school any easier though.

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mNhL said...

haha....my kids used to complaint sands in their shoes when they were at the beach. Now, not anymore. They enjoyed it.