Sunday, April 27, 2014

New rice cooker!

I went on a little mad shopping spree over the weekend.

Bought 2 tops, 1 dress and 2 pants setting me back over RM 300. I tell myself I didn't get anything last year, so it's o.k to indulge a little. It is something I have been looking for for a long time anyways. And Hamleys allows hubby and the kids to be preoccupied for a little while while I shop alone.

I also bought a new rice cooker. The Panasonic one that I have been using still works fine actually. Although during the move, I have lost the rubber valve at the top so water inside frequently seeps out. So, I find it so trouble some to wipe and wipe the tiles and the cover and all around everyday. Also the inner pot has some scratches and replacing it would cost another RM 100.

So, I decided to get a stainless steel inner pot rice cooker instead. Buffalo rice cookers are way too expensive. Decided to settle for the Khind Anshin rice cooker which uses the Buffalo inner pot. Bought it from ESH using hubby's Maybank points. It cost me RM 270 since I bought the one which comes with a free streamer.

Unfortunately this rice cooker does not come with many functions. So, I guess I will be boiling porridge the Sasha's way now :


mNhL said...

shopping is sure a relaxing therapy. Nowadays, I prefer to steam rice instead. The rice turned out to be softer.

Merryn said...

Rice cooker makes me lazy. I dont use the gas stove anymore. Just a click of a button and the rice will turn out nice and fluffy :D

Health Freak Mommy said...

I love my non-stick rice cooker. I love cooking porridge using it. So fuss-free and so easy to wash! :)