Thursday, April 17, 2014

Third Party Bodily Injury Claim

What a tedious lesson this was for me.

I have learnt that when a car hits a pedestrian, and the pedestrian gets hurt, we can make a 3rd party bodily injury claim with our motor insurance company.

What you will need to make the claim would be your own police report, the other party's police report, all medical reports and bills (photocopy is allowed but best to double check with the 3rd party bodily injury claim dept of your insurance company, and NOT the customer service) and a cover letter from the claimee stating they want a direct settlement from your insurance company and that they will not be suing you. You will also need a copy of their IC. I reckon they need both police reports to determine if as a driver you were wrong in the first place. And if you did not break any traffic rules, then the insurance company will pay for the claims.

I know all this because the lady that fell as a result of my car went for all her medical checkups and refused to give me her original receipts unless I make a payment to her beforehand.

In her quest for money from me, she even threw words like 'they will take away your license', 'you must be responsible for everything', 'I know people in Bukit Aman', all the threatening phrases that hit me like ripples of shock. And at last, she also used the sympathy card that she is an old lady and how can we make her go through all the trouble of making a police report when she finds it so hard to move. She was climbing up and down the stairs of her house 3 days after the accident (so her daughter accidentally leaked), so I find this a total load of nonsense. 

She has thus slapped me with a 1,500 bill of which only 800 are receipted. The rest she claims as physiotherapy, in other words she is going to those chinese massage centers to have massages, each session costing 30 and she wants me to pay for 10 sessions! The remaining 400 is for any future medical expenditure she deems fit. 

Every grain of my being wants to fight this and tell her to go make her police report and claim my insurance. However, to put matters behind us as soon as possible, hubby feels just give her the 1500 and begone with it.

So, the next time any 3rd party is involved, report police and request the other party to report to the police and straight away notify the insurance so that all further claims can be dealt by them. Being my first accident of such kind, and being too soft a person in nature, I heaped upon  myself undue stress and prolonged distress to my family.

I have since surrendered this incident into the hands of my Father. May He give me peace against the stress and the feeling I was taken advantage of. Into your hands.....I commit again! 

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mNhL said...

Some people tends to take advantage. Long ago, hubby accidentally hit a motorist. A young boy who just got his license. After we paid all the medical fees and motor repaired bills, his family came to demand for more money because they need further medical fees. I forgotten how the case ended as it happened 10 over years ago.

Hope your case will be settled soon. Sometimes, we just can't avoid accident.