Monday, May 12, 2014

Caylee learning Math

I have signed Caylee up for Eye Level Math. She started in May. Reason why we are starting so early is mainly because education wise, she has been really neglected. We sent her to kindy onnly this year and found that many have already been in kindy since age 3. Thus Caylee does have alot of catching up to do. The other reason is that we find Christopher's Eye Level Math standard slower than his primary 1. So, when it is not at least at par or better, the kid still struggles in school.

Caylee is overjoyed! She loves going to the same additional classes like her kor kor. And she is elated she has to do homework now. So much so she erases previously done homework and does it again and again. So much so, her Eye Level teacher has decided to give her 2 books of homework now.

The other class day, I sat myself in a corner to read my book while waiting for them to finish. I noticed at the corner of my eye Caylee coming out of the class. She did look around for a while but given that she didn't find me, she proceeded to the toilet on her own. On her way back, she caught a glimpse of me and waved. Then happily skipped back to class.

Simple acts of independence makes this mummy so happy!

The teacher commented she has picked up the routine so quickly. She knows that when she enters the class where to get her books and where to put her homework.

I pray that learning will always be a joy to Caylee and that I will always have the time to make her lessons enjoyable for her. I pray fervently that Caylee will take after my own heart in her love for reading too.

I can't believe she is just 4 years in this world. What other delights can I expect from my little girl!

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mNhL said...

No worries....starting kindy late doesn't mean she won't catch up with her studies. If she is good, she will shine. :)

I'm sure such enrichment classes will make her more confident and independent.