Sunday, June 29, 2014

Open Day - meeting the teacher

Meeting the teacher and seeing his results and position in class takes a whole new perspective now that he is in Standard 1. Perhaps as the years go by I will get used to this and it will be just another day in school.

It was quite a journey after his exam and seeing his results come out one by one. The most disappointing subject for me was his Math. I expected him to do so much better since we have been giving alot of emphasis on his Math since kindergarten. But I realized that it was not Math that he didn't know but the language that pulled down his grade.

The other up and down ride for me was when the teacher posted he got a 52 in his Science. I know my son and if he tells me he did OK, it definitely doesn't call for a 52. So, for almost 2 weeks before Open Day I was thinking maybe he really misinterpreted a section and did it totally wrong.

Anyways, during Open Day itself I saw his Science paper and it was not a 52. Damn....I felt so 'cheated' that I had to go through all days of wondering. At any rate, I am glad he did well for no other reason than that how he thinks he did is almost how he really did.

He was positioned 19 in class which ain't that bad. With this new assessment, it doesn't matter anyway what your position is and he just needs to be in the better band within the subject assessment. Heard the school may open another class next year for the weaker students which would be a good thing for those who really cannot cope with the current pace of class.

Any reward for him? No. I told him studying hard is his responsibility and not something I will need to reward him with. But truth be told in my own quiet way I will reward him for being patient and willing to study hard. He is quite a good boy in that way.

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Merryn said...

That means the teacher wrote wrongly for the Science marks? Aiyo so careless...