Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bukit Melawati and Sekinchan

Conqueror of another day trip destination around Selangor. This time it was to Sekinchan with a pit stop at Bukit Melawati.

We took our time to start our journey, having just recovered from Bookfest lethargy. We may have left around 9+ and arrived Bukit Melawati one hour later, give and take. One look at the long queue and we were debating if we could make the walk up the hill. But given we had a 4 young kids in tow, there was not much that needed to be decided. We waited it out and actually, it was not that long a wait. As in none of the kids had to be pacified that the tractor (they call it a tram, but it was more like a tractor) was coming.

The tractor brings you up the hill where the fort is and the canons and the monkeys. And we disembarked to snap, snap, climb, climb, feed, feed. And then just before the kids started complaining, we boarded the next tractor down. The next stop was an aquarium of sort. I can only say that it is something 'of sort' because we didn't get down, much to my son's loud dismay.

It was close to lunch time and our next destination was supposed to be the highlight of the trip.

Leaving Bukit Melawati, we were half amazed, half worried to see the multitude of tourist buses coming in and heading out in the same direction as ours.

And we were not to be disappointed. The traffic to Sekinchan was ridiculous. Unlike previous road trips where we only had to content with mostly cars and a few buses, Sekinchan was pilled up with buses.

Arriving at Sekinchan, we attempted lunch. The first place we saw from a distant looked kinda of comfortable, in a sense it was not that full. But disappointment followed (again) - the tables were already all booked for the tour buses arriving soon. We had no choice but to settle and wait for a table in the next restaurant. The only good that came out of waiting was hubby bought many many packets of crackers at a cheaper price. The same shop was closing by the time we returned later. 6 dishes, RM120 poorer and 1 and half hours later, we were back to exploring the town.

Our first place was Mango King and the famed paddy fields. I reckon the number of people really killed half the joy of exploring and buying. I would have bought more if maneuvering the crowd and keeping track of my kids weren't such trouble. As it is I only bought 1kg of ciku for RM8.

After that, it was the paddy fields and the rice factory. Before the trip, we read blogs about green as far as the eye could see. Then I came across one blog which told me the seasons for the rice planting. And July was such a bad time to go if you want to see green. In a way, it made us laugh when we did see one patch or two of green and decided to snap just the green section of the field. Hilarious deception!

We paid the RM4 for the ticket and you get to redeem a packet of rice with your ticket. The 'show' was in mandarin and the guide spoke in mandarin which was a BIG HELP NOT. Seriously......are they expecting only chinese tourists here? I was half sighing, half telling myself to at least enjoy the air conditioning!

After that, we made our way to Pantai Redang. I say it again.....I would have enjoyed the expectation of seeing the rustic swing and tree house from TVB series Outbound Love more IF the jam wasn't that bad and the crowd would just thin out, if not vanish out of sight.

I mean, it was meant to be reflective and serene. But no, no, no....we had to share and take turns and squirm and line up and squeeze...and all in the hot blazing sun. Even a spot in the shade was hard to come by. But we saw what we came to see. We conquered the crowd in the best possible way and (can I say this) still had a (relatively) good time. Again the boy was disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm by the others to play in the sea and build sandcastles! Oh Lord, my son's uncanny definition of fun!

Perhaps the rush back to KL made the trip a little un-ended! Normally we round it up with dinner and we would go home cool-er. But this time round, we could not. So, all in all maybe I will go back again but this time to see the fireflies and next time at the right time, if ever there is one for Sekinchan.

Maybe when everyone has watched and forgotten Outbound Love....

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