Sunday, July 20, 2014

Christopher's Swimming Lessons

After much seeking, found a swimming class for Christopher - Swimcube @ The Strand.

It's indoor. The pool is about 3/4 the length of a shoplot. The remaining 1/4 is where parents wait around.

He has had a scare with pools before. Thus one of the reasons why I chose this class for him. The pool is not that deep and he is tall enough that he can stand in it. So, it takes away half of his fear.

On his first class, he was half excited and half fearful. His sister went with him on his first day since we wanted to know if she was ready for lessons as well. So perhaps his sister's greater fear made him slightly braver. He didn't go down the pool the right way. He wanted to go face first - something, I guess, about meeting your fears head on. But I am glad the 2nd time he went down the pool, he did it the right way.

On his first lesson, hubby and I stayed and watched outside, peeping through the sliding glass. We were chased out because my daughter kept crying for me every time she saw me. Without me there, she actually did very well. As for Christopher, we heard him talking and talking to the instructor. Instead of accepting instructions and doing as he was told, he tried to negotiate with the instructor to do it his way - the lazier way. Even once we heard him 'scold' the instructor as to why he let go of the float when he promised he would not. The instructor calmly told him that he has reached the end of the pool! And all this while my crying baby girl clung to his neck for dear life!

So after lesson 1, Caylee proclaimed with fierce determination NO MORE SWIMMING for her. And Christopher jumped up and down asking us to come back for class tomorrow. He is into his 3rd lesson now. He is excited as he is learning free style now. I am glad he likes his lessons and hope he will learn to swim soon.

As for Caylee, she actually did very well in her one and only lesson. She had the stamina to kick the entire length of the pool where her brother could not - sometimes being able to stand in the pool does not help at all! But she is happy to see her brother go in and she remain firmly high and dry.

I am happy for both of them either way. They aren't too young to be making some choices in life.

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Irene Yew said...

Your post reminds me that my kids are overdue overdue for swimming classes... I personally wanted to start Vic two-three years back, but then William was too young, couldn't find instructor, no time... loads of excuses but this year seem to be "no more valid excuses now"...

Gambateh to your kids!