Sunday, August 3, 2014

I am in love.....

I am seeing this man. Everyday I go to work, I always take some time to see him. He knows me not; but that's okay. Each time he opens his mouth, I have to close my eyes so that I can savor his lyrical conversation. I am in awe of him even though he is a few years younger than me.

He can be considered a handsome guy. Although not in the macho kind of way. He has that cute, boyish look which I can't resist. And I love the twinkle in his eye when he tells a joke. Or the frown on his face when he is saying something that is close to his heart.

He has the most untidy mop of curly hair when he forgets to get it trimmed. With longer hair like that, he looks like a little child. You want to reach out and push all the curls away. But once cut, it makes him look so much more mature. I can never call him an immaculate man because his lack of self grooming is always evident. Natural curls and spectacles don't work to his favor.

But his passion for his work and the effort he puts into the things that he loves makes up for his occasional disheveled appearance. It kills to be with a perfectionist. So, I don't envy the lady with him. But to stand on the other side and be a recipient of his perfect work, that feeling is awesome. It's like drugs and alcohol and chocolates all at the same time.

His work demands to be greatly appreciated. And you can do it best when you start to understand the process he takes. You then strain to catch the little differences that distinguish his from another. And so I love him. I love that he has such passion to produce such perfection that is capable of bringing me to such heights of drive, freedom and calm.

I love him, who is Josh Groban.


Small Kucing said...

a good singer can do that

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Anonymous said...

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