Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gardens by the Bay Singapore and Bugis Street

Day 3 of our trip to Singapore, I chose to visit the Gardens by the Bay. It was between this or the zoo. But given that we already had one day of sun, I preferred this as it was indoors.

Breakfast on Day 3 was in some street my bro in law lead us to. I was paying no attention so I have no idea where it was. Only that it was somewhere near Orchard Road, walking distance from YWCA.

Deciding to go to Gardens by the Bay, we could take our time since it was indoors and we need not really bother about reaching there in the morning to avoid too much afternoon sun. Or if there would be enough time to cover everything. The expected time required, minus lunch will be about 2 hours. We spent about 5 hours there, taking 1 hour for lunch to rest our feet.

Several words come to mind when I think of the Cloud Forest - COLD. High.


By the time we entered the Observatory, it was about 11 so it was quite humid outside. As soon as we entered, a wave of COLD air hit us. It didn't help that our first sight was this 30 m (I think) waterfall too. It was quite spectacular. Then it was flowers and plants and a steady walk up to the top - HIGH - of the mountain. And then down again on the other side. Thinking about it now, it was very well planned so much so you walked around without feeling lost or that you were walking in circles. There was never a moment where you were not surprised with the sight before you. There was no lack of beauty at every turn. Even the kids were enthralled by their surroundings. Seriously not bad at all since we are only talking plants and flowers here - and a 4 and 7 year old kid who knows nuts about plants. There was never a time they complained they wanted to go back to the hotel or that they were bored being in that place.

Finishing the first observatory, we broke for lunch only to return to the 2nd observatory after lunch.

Flower Dome was Magical. Calm. Beautiful.

It was snap snap snap as soon as we entered. Almost every flower was perfect without blemish. There were areas which were covered in green, you felt like an elf in a forest. There were benches strategically located everywhere which really all you wanted to do was sit and just be one with nature. I half wanted to keep shushing my 4 and 7 year old who were laughing and singing away. There was an oldies song playing which was very calming and 2 out of tune voices singing Let it Go was really quite a nuisance. My mum kept walking away the minute the kids came towards her. I don't blame her at all. The few moments they ran off to walk with their aunty and uncle and I got to sit alone under a tree, I felt so much calm. I was seriously contented and happy to sit there the whole day.

We reached the hotel around 4 and the kids were screaming for pool time. Darn their energy level! But I obliged although they were willing to get out after 40 min since YWCA does not have a kid's pool. The adult pool shallow end was 1.2m, just above the boy's head, so he still jumped in and was brave enough when he got tired to stand and then kick himself up again. I was impressed with his guts given he did nearly drown in Langkawi just a few months back. He has progressed much since, in at least he is no longer afraid to jump into a deep pool. The girl had guts too attempting to jump but making sure I was standing arms length away from her.

We had dinner in Orchard road - one of the malls, one of the food court. And then did some grocery shopping before calling it a day.

The last day in Singapore was my real shopping day. We went to Bugis Street and I bought a couple of totally girly stuff there - all pinky in that way girly I mean. Bought a Little Twin Star passport holder for only SGD 5.98 which I had no qualms handing over to the immigration officer. He must be expecting it to be my little girl's passport only to discover that it is mine. Also bought a Miss Piggy Disney shirt which was orange in color and cost SGD 10. Oh! I am such a child at heart still. Pink and purple cute stuff still gives me the thrill!

Seriously, have you seen Little Twin Star or Strawberry Shortcakes? They are but the loveliest, cutest print on any merchandise!

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