Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Singapore 2014 - Day 1

This will be a bitter sweet memory for me.

The holiday part being sweet, the loss of the boss of the holiday the bitter.
Maybe the reason why I never researched so much into this trip.
Every time I thought about it, it brought me back to the day.
The evening I sat with my dad and planned the itinerary and the cost.
The last evening I sat with him and chatted and joked.
He passed on the next morning.

So, even while I was holidaying in Singapore, I had daddy at the back of my mind.
How it would have been different if he was there.

Well, if he was there, my bro in law and sister might not have been.
And then I would have been the one to lead the holiday.
As it is, since my bro in law and sister came along, I took a back seat.

Like all holidays, I normally want to make the best of every minute I am there.
So, when it was planned that the first day we were to arrive would be spent catching up with relatives, I was a bit disappointed. I wanted very much to go to Orchard Street and spend my first evening shopping.

But alas, God did make it easier for me to stay put in the hotel.
It rained.

My uncles from Singapore picked the 7 of us up in 2 cars and we made our way to YWCA. We paid about SGD 200+ for a family room consisting of a king bed and a single bed. The room was spacious with wooden flooring, and the bathroom was just alright.

It was close to 4 by the time we checked in. And given we only had a heavy breakfast, we went to the YWCA cafeteria for a meal. Costing an average of SGD12 per plate, the food was good. Reminding me of YMCA Penang, in a sense people actually go there for regular meals. It continued to rain till way pass 6 pm. So, we didn't get to do much on the first evening. At night it was hubby's side of the family to have a reunion. Met up with Uncle Thomas and Aunty Helen for dinner. By this time, you can imagine all expectations of Day 1 I had already pushed aside. So, I was able to enjoy the moments of catching up with family. And given Uncle Thomas and Aunty Helen were so comfortable with my kids, it made the dinner time and after that very relaxing. We had Japanese in Vivo City for dinner and we went around Vivo checking out the ticketing counter for Sentosa and also the breakfast place for tomorrow.

Aunty Helen took us for a drive along Orchard road after dinner and then I was dying to go back to the hotel by 10. I was in desperate need for a warm bath and sleep. It was going to be an exciting day tomorrow.

My kids surprised me by acting very well with all the relatives. And Caylee even thanked Aunty Helen for driving us around without any prompting from me. I was one happy mummy at the end of Day 1. These kids....they do have their moments.

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