Thursday, December 11, 2014

Swimming Update

I woke up with a start at 3.05 am this morning asking myself "What the heck have I done?"

"RM560 a month for my 2 kids swimming lessons! I must be out of my mind!"

And then I did a mental summation of how much I need to spend a month on both my kids activities. And you can guess that I never fell back asleep after that.

So, how is it that I came to this point and will I turn back the clock if I could?

It all started with the fact that Swimcube was to close down. With Uncle Ivan whom Christopher loved to learn with and at RM150 a month, I was pretty devastated.

So anyways, I went again on my search for swimming lessons and boiled it down to either Advanced Aquatics in the Bukit Utama club or Swimin12.

I called Advanced Aquatics and at a member rate, we would need to pay about RM 154 a month a kid. I hear weekend classes are pretty full and you have to be a member before you can enter the club on the weekends. But the weekday classes were from 6-7 pm which to me felt a little late.

So, I tried Swimin12 as well. The first time I messaged EJ, he had already added me as a friend in FB, which kind of makes rejection a little bit harder. But I was also impressed with the character and motivation behind Swimin 12. So, I decided to bring the kiddos for a trial class on the fateful day 11th Dec.

When we arrived there, I was bombarded with a parking fee of RM5 since it was drizzling and we parked at the club parking lot. OK....not good. Then when we arrived at PJ Palm Sports, I saw no sign of EJ and had to search for him. When we made contact and he went out to meet the coaches, they were sleeping and resting. OK....hmmm....

Then I was surprised when one by one all the coaches got ready and jumped into the pool. We are talking 1 main coach and 4 sub coaches. All of them stretched up and jumped into the pool. I was cautious if they could manage my 2 kiddos since none of them had as yet made contact with my 2 kids. But I was pleasantly surprised.

So Coach Ram, hubby told me he from Philippines later, called the kids over and had them repeat their names again. And then they were led to wear flippers and sit by the pool.

In that one hour, I loved what I saw.
There were time when my daughter cried when they asked her to do something she was afraid to do. But they  managed to help her conquer her fear and she stopped crying instantly. And I could see her listening to their instructions carefully and following what they told her to do.
I was so glad I could have cried.
For a girl who 6 months ago cried the entire 45 minutes in her first trial lesson.
And then adamantly refused swimming lessons for the next 5 months after that.
But who then after 2 times in the pool - Avani and YWCA - now knows she better learn if she wants to keep up with kor kor.
This same girl doggie paddled 1 m all on her own from the coach to the wall.
My heart was doing cheers for her all the while I was sitting down trying to keep my composure.

As for Christopher, he has already conquered his fear of water but I saw him jump into the deep end of the pool, also following their instructions. They were teaching him to dive in the water on the 1st lesson itself. And I reckon they will be able to help him slow down in his strokes and take the lap more leisurely.

The kids were made to do laps and laps of the pool and I could hear Christopher complaining. But he can't stand in this pool and thus had no choice but to push on. He did it in the end!!! I was so proud of him.

So, all this led up to the fact that 1 hour later, I was signing on the dotted line committing myself to RM560 a month.

It will be worth every ringgit in the end. I am sure of it.
I shall put aside every negative thought or comment.
They will have a happy learning experience.

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