Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oson korean wok

Yet another pan.

My greatest weakness is shoes, bags and pans!

How long ago was it that I bought my Queen Sense pan? At any rate, I had an accident with it one day. I reckon perhaps to a certain extent I never did the 'conditioning' of the pan well. One day while I was salt baking a fish in the pan, I scrubbed or knocked a point in the pan and there was a chip. As you can imagine, marble or not, the chip is getting bad, it's now a patch.

So, anyways, there I was again looking through some pan brands - ceramic and sorts.

And then one fateful Saturday morning I went to the market and they were having a demonstration of this stainless steel pan. Wow....stainless steel I thought! In actual fact it is a hard-anodized pan. And they were having a promo - i.e. for 388, I get a 38cm wok and a 32cm pan. Now, my mum needs a pan and I need had a wok. So, it seemed a pretty good deal.

I told the lady to treat it for me this time round. And I am still letting the treatment sit. Plan to only 'open' it during CNY.

This is how it looks like. I love the wok cause the lid is curved upwards high, so you can do  decent steaming. And also popcorn and baking. I believe good material makes for good results. And a happy cook added to it means more experimental cooking, more variety. Let's see how this hold up for 2015!


Small Kucing said...

the offer is good at that price. Hmm...easy to find replacement ka for the "ear". Coz my pots and pan "ear" always spoil coz fire too big

snoopy said...

Hi Ann, do u mind to share the quality of wok after you tried it out during CNY? thanks in advance :)

Unknown said...

may i know where u bought it?

Ann said...

Small Kucing....never thought about replacement ear! :)

Snoopy - quality of the wok is good. Accidentally burnt something since I was not used to the wok yet but it came off easily.

Unknown - I bought it at my local market. They were having a demonstration/promotion for few numbers of units only.

Cindy said...

Hi Ann, do u felt its heat tansfer very slow if compaare to the stainless steel work? U r using electrical stove of gas stove?

Ynt Kate said...

Is the wok non stick? Its published is non stick but its stick my frying fish. I cooked the meat and is sticking too?

Cindy said...

Ynt Kate. It's not a really non stick. Me experienced sticking fish n egg too. Now my wok hang up long time not in use.