Monday, May 4, 2015

Labor Day Roadtrip

One more off the list of nearby places I had wanted to explore - Pulau Ketam.

Road trips are so much nicer when you have like minded people to go with you.

At any rate, after a 2-car-or-1-car debate, we made our way to Crabby Island in 1 car. We had Mrs mum with us, so girl had to sit on my lap throughout. Which was fine considering it was 'just Klang'. But Mrs sitting in the middle had a hard time balancing herself too.

The air-con, with a TV boat to the island cost RM7 per way, per adult. Kids cost RM 4 (or was it 5) per way, per ticket. We bought a 2-way ticket and went to line up. While lining up, we saw many people moving ahead of us and we were wondering why. We deduced those without tickets probably got to go ahead since they had to buy the tickets on board, which could be more expensive. And thus they were allowed to go ahead first. If our deduction proved right, this would only happen in Malaysia. It was not in our best interest to find out if we were right. At any rate I was too busy trying not to be thrown overboard by a group of jostlers!

I loved the first feeling getting off the boat into the island. It's a moment of 'going back' to era-s of the past, you either love it or not. But not having to fully experience the lack of hygiene, lack of water or electricity or the hard work that came from my the island's older citizens, going back for me only carries no resemblance of simple, care-free, lazy days of reading and playing.

What is it about an old sundry shop or several planks joined together to form a walkway or houses selling produce in their front porch that attracts city dwellers like me? And to walk along a rickety road sometimes onto the porch of a house. Half my mind asks myself 'Don't the house owners mind?', the intrusion into their sanctuary. But unlike us city dwellers who lock our gates and close our doors, people on the island have their doors wide open, their porches free for us tourists to stand away from the mid-day sun.

So, Crabby stays true to its name. We saw many little crabs at low tide. And apart from sea produce being sold by almost every other household, eateries seem to be the main source of income. There was one rather nice hotel, and I reckon a little further from the maddening main street, a few more home stays. The community on this island are mainly Chinese, we saw 3 temples in itself along the long main street and further up the main housing street. And I reckon karaoke would be the main source of entertainment. Bet you fishing does not count as recreational activity for them! But we saw a couple of tourists carrying fishing rods for their recreational use. Main mode of transport is the bicycle. But on a holiday like today, feet gets you around faster.

We spent only about 2.5 hours on the island. Eating took up most of our time. We had lunch and then ice-cream.

We had every intention of making this a DAY trip, so back in Klang, we decided to visit GM Klang. I am always lost in GM Klang. Partly coz I have nothing to buy. And even if I did, it takes a while to know which shop to get to. And then I always had to kids to entertain. Walking around and seeing things which have no interest to them in a crowded, haphazard place sure ain't fun to them. That is unless they are in one of those toy shops choosing a toy you are bound to have to buy for them. It's like going to a candy store and denying them candy. I mentally prepare myself for a toy everytime I enter GM Klang. But anyway, this time round, Mrs was with me so she led the way until I lost myself in a garden shop. And the elder girls were with us too, meaning I didn't have to mind the kids all that much.

We finished with GM Klang at 4+ and still being too early for dinner, we decided to choose somewhere further to do for dinner so that the trip there will make up for some time. We are ridiculously crazy that way!!!

At any rate, we arrived at Bagan Hailam at a respectable time for dinner. Dinner was good, music was great. And by the time we were done, the sun hadn't even set yet. But we were almost done with Klang. So, we made our way home. Stopped by for desert (always!!) at Soft Serve. I have NO IDEA what the fuss is all about. It was not great and too expensive.

By the time we went home, it was close to 8 perhaps coz after settling everyone in, I took a sinus pill and was in bed by 9:30!

Road trips make me sleep so much better!!! Or perhaps it was the sea breeze and the dreams of days from the past....lazy days and hammocks.....