Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Seeking perfection

It all started out quite normally.

An intrusion in my area of work.
A sarcastic reaction on my part.
A I-don't-care-why-do-I-never-learn remark.
A sigh.
A silence.
A I-should-not-have-reacted-way-but-please-don't-intrude statement.
More silence.
A sigh.
Accompanied by a resigned acceptance.

So, I was thinking about it on my way back home. And I realized that I always react badly to this individual when she oversteps her boundaries.

We have some differences in character that cry out so boldly if we just let it continue to scream, people will need to close their ears. And yet, we are sometimes so similar in thought process, I wish not to know what she is thinking cause it's so eerily similar.

I realized actually almost as soon as the event was over that I had reacted badly. And I told myself my reaction is really a reflection of what God needs to change in my life. I always teach my kids to stop and ask themselves "What would Jesus do?" and so i asked myself the same.

We always work towards being like Jesus. Doing what is right. Acting rightly instead of reacting badly. If we were to, in our lifetime, reach the status of being like Jesus, that would count as perfection. This was what went through in my mind.

Then the word perfection stood out in the middle of my semi-concentration driving state of mind in blink! blink! What was perfection like?

And then God gave me a great teachable moment.

Perfection did not mean that everyone will love you. When you reach there, it would not mean that people will stop hurting you. Neither would it mean that you would say everything right for everyone. It's a minuet realization that perfection to God means more people might curse you and hate you. Troubles will come wave after wave upon you. Things around you will fail and sorrows will abound.

And James 1: 2 came into remembrance "Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,a whenever you face trials of many kinds"

So, seek not that nothing affects you. Seek not that everyone loves you for all the right things that you say. But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.

And so I remain thankful for every circumstance. Although seriously, I felt really awful at the time it happened !

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