Monday, January 25, 2016

Hong Kong 2015

My first trip through Matta Fair. I could say it ended up a lot cheaper this way and I really got blessed along the way. For approximately MYR 1500 per person, we got a 3 night stay in a reasonably spacious hotel called Casa Deluxe (upgraded due to a miscalculation on the part of the tour agent) in Yau Ma Tei area, 1 night stay in Disneyland hotel with Mickey breakfast and the ticket for the theme park, including all matters of transportation to/fro airport and to Disneyland. We also had a half day tour which I found a waste of time but had to go on to get our free ticket to Madame Tussaud.

If you have arrived here hoping for a detailed itinerary, you won't get it. However, there was this really awesome place for steamed milk and custard that I loved to heaven and back. The name of this humble establishment is Yee Shun Dairy Company. And for the love of being blessed, it was a few shops away from our hotel. The ginger milk pudding was so silky smooth I could eat it everyday. But it is very pricey.

In fact, I would safely say that if nothing else, you won't have trouble at all with food in Hong Kong. Eat anywhere, at any corner seriously and it can't go far wrong. But then again I am Cantonese.

There were 3 highlights I would say about our trip.

First was street walking. We literally walked one day after lunch from Tsim Sha Tsui, pass our hotel, browsing through Ladies Market, the street with lots of pets, pass Flower Street and in to Yuen Po Street Bird Garden. And then walked back to Prince Edward station to Sham Sui Po and did another round of walking and shopping around Fuk Wing Street. Fuk Wing Street is 'the' street in that area for all your childhood dreams. It is seriously very much cheaper. And we ended up buying toys, imitation lego and stationery. I loved the Hello Kitty and Little Dream Star stationery there!!!

Second was Victoria Peak. We didn't go in the evening since we had kids with us and didn't want to brave the crowd. We went early in the morning instead, when the line was short. But the China people seriously, they come any time!!! Overall it was relaxing to be up there, walk around, enjoy the scenery. We had loads of fun in Madame Tussaud as well posing with all the waxed figures.

Third and definitely not least was Disneland. We were there from 11 to about 8. But we were so tired and cold and wet by 8 that we didn't stay for the fireworks. We saw it from our hotel instead. better than nothing. But I would say Disneyland was fun for the rides. Waiting time was short, we deduced it was because the rides themselves were not long. The kids had great fun, even Caylee who had a scare in one of the rides and adamantly refused any more of those rides that looked scary after that. While waiting, she had her share of posing and jumping. Her highlight was the final Frozen show before dinner where she got to see Elsa and Anna!

We also went to the Citygate Outlets. The one and only time we shopped. It had crazy sales.

All in all, I would say it was a very memorable trip. I reckon the cool weather really helps. I was very proud of Christopher for walking so much and not complaining. And the girl was happy to spend the afternoons in the hotel with grandma. We had friends in Hong Kong to bring us around a day or two which was really swell, cause they had a car.

I would say that the streets in Hong Kong are a pleasure to be lost in. In fact Hong Kong island is still my preferable walking destination compared to the mainland. Perhaps the old and new collide in the island in so many more ways. It leaves a nostalgic feel, almost warm despite the cold. I will definitely return to Hong Kong. If for nothing else, the steamed milk pudding with warm ginger syrup.

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